Longlife® All-in-One

Multifunctional ingenuity

High-quality polyamide & glass fibres

What is so special about the LongLife® All-in-One metre rule from Kunststoffwerk?

On the one hand, of course, the material it is made of.

High-quality polyamide mixed with a 30% proportion of glass fibres not only makes the metre rule extremely stable, but also gives it a very high elongation at break.


In addition to the convincing properties of the material, which include scratch and scratch resistance as well,

as water and chemical resistance, it also impresses with its clear and easy to read scale.

Angle scale & depth dimension

In addition to the red tens, the scale offers an auxiliary scale “Recto-Verso” for reading from both sides.

However, the highlights of the folding rule are the integrated angle scale and the extendable depth gauge.

The advertising space

In addition to its many additional functions, the metre rule offers a printing area of 160 mm x 25 mm.

and with its 2m length and 10 links it is a real all-rounder.

Anything else I should know?

YES – The patented joints are wear-free – and without any care!

Neither rusting nor wearing out.

In the test they always run flawlessly after 20,000 cycles.

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