LONGLIFE Folding Ruler (2m)

Material Fiberglass-reinforced polyamide is scratch, scratch and particularly bending-resistant, water-resistant and resistant to chemicals.
Joint Free of play and wear, dirt-insensitive construction joint, with spring rod for uniformly high tension, useful 90° detent for all joints.
Division Deep embossed, black graduation in 1 mm steps, red embossed tens.
Accuracy According to EU standard Accuracy class III, CE compliant
Packaging 10er neutral

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Item Nr.DescriptionRod widthWeightColourPackagingLengthNumber of links
XX410 2000 1 10022-m Folding-rule Longlife,10-fold yellow15 mm140 gyellow102 m10
XX410 2000 2 10022-m Folding-rule Longlife,10-fold white10/100140 gwhite102 m10