LONGLIFE® Folding Ruler All-in-One (2m)

Material30% fiberglass-reinforced polyamide, scratch, scratch and moisture resistant.
ScaleAngle scale from 20 to 90° (external) Depth measurement up to 150 mm, 2m duplex scale with “recto-Verso” auxiliary scale for reading from both sides.
AccuracyAccording to EU standard Accuracy class III, CE compliant
Version10 links, first link with extendable depth measurement, suspension of angle measurement on the holding point on the third link.
Packaging10er neutral
  • Item Nr.
  • XX410 2007 2 1004
  • Description
  • All in One
    2-m folding rule LONGLIFE, 10 fold, white
    metric, Skala Recto – Verso , red bolt
    angleskala – depth gauge
  • Packing unit
  • 10/100


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